_Team Leader

King Kong

_3D Modelling & Texturing

King Kong


Disgruntled Goat


DrAgUt? (CaPtAiN Of PiRaTeS)

_2D Art

King Kong


Louis Lux


Code Knight

Devils Advocate


King Kong

_Movie Makers

Dmitry & Timorfeys




_Music & Sounds


Jones King

Lord of the Rings: Total War Team

Amroth & The Fourth Age Total War Team

King Crab (Research)


King Kong

Amon Amarth 93


Jean=A=Luc (texts)

_Mod Conception & Research

King Kong



The community of twcenter.net

_Beta Testers

King Kong

Amon Amarth 93

_Used Sub-Mods

New Campaign AI by Lusted

New Battle AI by Germanicu5

Smoother coastlines by Nevada

Unique buildings by axnsan

Reworked Gondor Militias by matko

Real Horses Project by Argent Usher

Crimson Tide (Blood Mod) by Magus

New city strat models by Agart

Non-breakable alliances by Archaon

Retextured Units by bilwit

Visual Enhancement by Louis Lux & maxmazi

Garrison script by Tsarsies

_Special Thanks

Jean=A=Luc for his countless texts and his help

Point Blank for his endless ideas

The Rusichi - Total War Team

The Last Days of the Third Age - Concept design

The Lord of the Rings - Total War Team

SigniferOne? for his Animations Pack

Banzai! for his Bowstring Animations

Knight Errant for all his great contributions for the modding community

Tokus*Maximus for the faction symbols

maxmazi for all his support

twcenter.net forum and all it's great people

Hermes Trismegistos, Elphir of Dol Amroth, Beregond, Irish Blood,
JorisofHolland?, Raiven, Valandur & patrician for various descriptions

glassiakas for the Snow Troll model

cedric37 & el Cid for parts of their interfaces

jan, Isildor, Inarus, Zikko, Wesserd & Red Devil for custom battle maps

moddb.com (and Legolose for the moderation)

empirestw.ru forum

My girl-friend Eva for her understanding and tolerance ;) - King Kong

And of course, the Creative Assembly for making such a great game




_Project Director & Lead Designer

R.T. Smith


Penny Sweetser|Dan Toose

Richard Lagarto|Dan Lehtonen


Ken Turner

Craig Allsop|Andriy Doroshchuk

Dmytro Dudnikov|Dan Glastonbury

Artem Kulakov|Grigoriy Podgorny

Martin Slater|Martin Valigursky

Adam Bryant|Scott Lowther

Iain McManus?|


John Carline|Jason Dalton

Zaquri Foster|Brendan Rogers

Nick Smith|Viktor Sylak

Taamati Hanson-Pou|Denzil O'Neill

Damien Paon|Simon Pennington


David Zwierzchaczewski

Andrew Bedford

Shane Oakes|Mathieu Walsh

_Music SFX & Dialog

Jeff van Dyck

Richard Vaughan|James Vincent

_Additional Musicians

Angela van Dyck

Terry Greisbach

Prasant Moorthy

_Quality Assurance

Ashley Parker

Kim Sellentin|Jason Turnbull

William Hamilton|Kevin Stoker

Ben Adams|Stephen Berg

Mark Burns|Christian Carriere

Simon Connolly|Sean Davidson

William Davis|Thomas Doig

Daniel Driscoll|Terry Greisbach

Chris Harvey|Craig Hughes

Rohan McAlinden?|Vana Prayitno

Mikhail Raspaskovski|Mathew Ray

Mark Taylor|


Prasant Moorthy

_System Administrator

Matthew Pawlowski

_Studio General Manager

George Fidler

_Special Thanks

John Harmon|Paul Greasley


_Development Director

Mike Simpson


Ian Roxburgh

Jeff Woods|James Whitston

_Pre Battle Speeches

Mike Brunton


Peter Brophy|Nick Tresadern

Pawel Wojs|Roland MacDonald?

Joss Adley|Tunde Glover

Ranulf Busby|Howard Rayner

Paul Abbott|Yannis Ziakas


Ben Potts|Greg Alston


Graham Axford|Dion Lay

James Buckle|Gian Piras

_Marketing & PR

Mark Sutherns|Richie Skinner

_IT Support

Gareth Hailes

Simon Allan

_Additional Support

Chris Waller|Moran Paldi

Alistair Hope|Melvyn Quek

Lara Sweeney|Sophie Blakemore

_Special Thanks

The entire Rome Dev Team

Tim Ansell


_Islamic Cultural Advisors

Aksaa Ltd, Management and Training Consultants
(Specialist in Islamic Cultural Awareness Training)

_Motion Capture Actors

Simon Johns & Tim Klotz of YoungBlood?


Antony Zwierzchaczewski

_FX Animator

Allen McKay?

_Medieval Combat Consultants

Louis Gaal, Joshua Cavalchini & Kit Cavalchini of Knight Fight

_Voice Casting

Andy Emery & Cheryl Prince of Side UK

_Voice Direction

Andy Walsh & Olivier Deslandes of Side UK

_Sound Engineer

Phil Evans of Side UK

_Vocal Talent

Tim Bentinck|Steffan Boje

Walter Bonacker|Emmanuel Bonami

Brian Bowles|Angelo Cola

Stephane Conicord|Maria Darling

David De Keyser|Olivier Deslandes

Ken Drury|Chris Fairbank

Javier Fernandez|Wayne Forrester

Jon Glover|Framboise Gommendy

Simon Greenall|Stephen Grief

Stephan Grothgar|Sarah Hadland

Togo Igawa|Jessica Juffre

Jonathan Keeble|Jonathan Kydd

Dhafer L'Abidine|Aletta Lawson

Lewis Macleod|Neil McCaul?

Graham McTavish?|Olag Mirochincov

Alex Norton|Lucy Robinson

Kerry Shale|Slav Shumor

Philippe Smolikowski|Luis Soto

Robbie Stevens|Dai Tabuchi

Keith Wickham|

_In-Game Font

Kevin King

_Additional Thanks

Andy Bagley and crew at Musiclab

Liam Byrne at Creative Labs

_Special Thanks

A big thanks to the Org, all the moderators on the official forums,
and all the fans that have helped make the online community as great as it is!

And of course, endless thanks to our families and friends for their understanding
and support throughout the entire production of Medieval II: Total War



Naoya Tsurumi


Mike Hayes

_Development Director

Gary Dunn

_Creative Director

Matthew Woodley

_Director of European Marketing

Gary Knight

_Head of External Studios

Jim Woods


Darius Sadeghian|Simon Mathews

_Director of Brand Marketing

David Miller

_European PR

Lynn Daniel|Kerry Martyn

_Senior Brand Manager

Darren Williams

_Creative Services

Alison Warfield

Tom Bingle|Arnoud Tempelaere

Morgan Gibbons|Akane Hiraoka

_Head of Development Services

Mark Le Breton

_Localisation Manager

Marta Lois Gonzalez

_Localisation Coordinator

Giuseppe Rizzo

_QA Supervisors

Marlon Grant|Stuart Arrowsmith

Julie Metior

_Master Technicians

John Hegarty|Jigar Patel

_Mastering Group

John Hegarty

Jigar Patel

Roy Boateng

_Senior Team Lead

Ben Howell

_Lead Testers

Phongtep Boonpeng

Tony Langan

_Assistant Team Lead

Jide Alabi


Herculess Bekker|Clinton LittleJohn?

Paul Rogers|Faesel Saeed

Amir Hafeez|Trevor Kite

Stuart Fenn|James Cauldwell

Titus Samkubam|Andrzej Lubas

Chris Jones|Michael Beirne

Jania Moudrak|Clint Gibson

Colin Perman|Zahra Al Naib

Dean Powell|Tristan Carree

Arian Barvarz|Oliver Bennett

Robert Williamson|Jacob Barker

Jasmine Lillywhite|Samuel Morgan

Paul Kershaw|Chris Bien

Aidan Howe|Hayk Galstyan

Nahiyan Al-Muhaymeen|Hany Gohary

Bryan Fevrier|Robert Thompson

Jiten Patel|Ross Green

Adrian Daly|Andrew Sparks

_Language Leads

Jean-Baptiste Bagot|Sven Wittmaack

_Language Team

Jaron Scholz|Tina Ferraro Caruso

Javier Fimia Vidal|Clement Hardy

_Special Thanks

Brandon Smith

Helen Camilleri

_SEGA OF JAPAN (Japanese Version)

_Network Business Department Director

Kazunobu Takita

_PC Produce Team Manager

Katsutoshi Kioka

_Japanese Version Producer

Joe Okabe


Nanica K.K.
Joe Okabe
Ryosuke Nagao

_Product Management

Masaru Igarashi
Miyako Hayashi
Ken-ichi Hayashi

_Public Relations

Osamu Sato


Tetsuo Sasaki

_Manufacturing Management

Motoki Kaji
Hitoshi Todo

_Manual & Package

Yoshihiro Sakuta
Naohiko Iida
Yoshitake Ohta


Kazuhiro Tamaoki
Satoshi Karasawa
Hiroaki Masuyama

_Special Thanks

Haruhiko Inaba (Nanica K.K.)
Tetsuya Nozaki
Yasuhisa Kawase
Hideaki Fujii
Ikuo Ishizaka
Rie Iwami
Hideaki Kobayashi
Junji Kurihara
Yasuhiro Shinohara
Katsuki Takimoto
Nao Tazoe
Miki Takamure

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